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Here are the simple rules to participate on the GRISLY auction:

Everybody can participate. However, you must register for the auctions organized by Yahoo!. This is to protect against misuse and does not bind you to anything. To register please use our link to the GRISLY auction. Once there, please click on the "Get your own Yahoo! ID" link.

To enter your bid you must first login using your Yahoo! ID and your password. You can determine these yourself when you register. Next, you need to enter your bid together with your password.

If you participate in German speaking auctions please make sure that you use the comma as the decimal point (e.g. DM 72,70) !

After filling out that information, please click the "Preview Bid" button.

If you have placed a winning bid, your name will appear as the winning bidder on the GRISLY item page momentarily. Of course you may get outbid, so we encourage you to to check back often. In addition, Yahoo! Auctions will send you an email notifying you when you have been outbid.

When the auction closes, you will be notified by email if you are the winning bidder. In addition, we will receive an email with your contact information. We will then contact you to obtain all the necessary information about payment and shipping.

Bids in German speaking auctions are in DM, bids in English speaking auctions in US$. However, the invoice will allways be in Deutsche (German) Marks (DM). We will use the current daily exchange rate on the day the auction closes.

Payment can be made by credit card (Mastercard / Eurocard or Visa), transfer order (only Germany) or check (only US).

In addition to the winning bid price, shipping and handling fees are as follows: Germany DM 5.00 , Europe DM 10.00 , USA US$ 10.00 , all other countries US$ 20.00 .

For a complete look at the world of Yahoo! Auctions click here:


Auction Rules Running Auctions Previous Auctions

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