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The company was founded by Karl Theodor Unfricht. The production of GRISLY toys started with a collection of teddy bears and soft toys designed by his wife Luise Unfricht. With the active help from all family members, especially from the two children Hans Georg and Hannelore, the success everybody had hoped for was realized. At the peak of the business development in the late 60s and early 70s, more than 50 employees were working for GRISLY.
After the death of Luise Unfricht in 1974 Erika Unfricht, the wife of Hans Georg Unfricht, took over, designing new animals. After the death of Karl Theodor Unfricht (1980), Hans Georg Unfricht and Arno Wirth, the husband of Hannelore, succeeded him in managing the firm and the sales department respectively. Even with this change in management, the classical style that was already typical for GRISLY was retained. Changes and innovations were carried out only gradually during these years - if they were considered at all. In 1985 Arno Wirth died and in 1994, in the year of the company's 40th anniversary, Hans Georg Unfricht died.

Since there was no successor within the family, Mrs Unfricht and Mrs Wirth decided to sell the company. The successor they looked for and whom they finally found should guarantee the continuation of the company and its management as the founding family wished. New life should be breathed into the business which had been declining due to the age of its former owners.

In January 1995 Daniela Lederle, a passionate collector of teddy bears, and her husband Dr. Oliver Lederle followed in the footsteps of the founding Unfricht family.

Profile of Daniela Lederle, owner and designer of Grisly Spielwaren

Originally, I started my toy career with dolls. I was famous among my friends for my bedroom filled to the top with dolls of all kind. During my time at university, where I studied history and German literature, I became infected with the teddy-virus. More and more bears mingled among my dolls and finally took over...

One day in 1994, I read an article in a newspaper mentioning that Grisly was for sale because of the founding family Unfricht having no successor. Grisly offered the chance to do what I had always wished: creating and designing my own teddy bears. Having bought the new firm a new life started for me. My former pastime activity became a fulltime job. I learned the basics of bear making: cutting, sewing, stuffing, etc.

In 1996 my hard work was rewarded, I won the Toledo Glass City award with "Freddy Flitzer" (Speedy Freddy) and had a Toby nomination in 1998. I have many plans for the future, even more loveable, heartwinning teddy bears are coming up soon.

Production Grisly Trademark Awards Artists Bears History

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