Since 1996 GRISLY has produced teddy bears designed by the American teddy bear artist Janet Reeves. Janet Reeves, who lives in Midland, Michigan, is an acclaimed American teddy bear artist. For more than 15 years she has been designing and creating teddy bears, thereby developing her own characteristic style: "truly old fashioned bears", made of the finest mohair. Janet was awarded the Golden Teddy Award in 1987 for her bear Amanda. It is the balance between traditional and modern elements that makes her bears a valuable addition to the GRISLY spectrum.


Our cooperation with bear artist Susan Redstreake Geary started in 1997 with the bear "Lovley". With "Lovley" being an instant success the Grisly range now features also limited collector's editions by Susan Redstreake Geary. Susan has been designing teddy bears for more than ten years now, and won numerous Prizes, including example the "Toby Award" and the "Golden Teddy Award".


New for 1999, GRISLY features for the first time german Teddy Bear Artist Mirjana Schnepf. She lives in the picturesque wine town of Freinsheim in the Rheinland Palatine region. In this beautiful area she finds the necessary tranquility and inspiration to create lovable and expressionable teddy bears. Characteristics of her design are a combination of modern elements and classic values of the old teddy bears.

Corinna Siegel

Since the beginning of the year 2000 we have a new member joining our team of exclusive bear artists. Her name is Corinna Siegel. Even in her early childhood her parents were very supportive of her love of creating things. She started out making dolls and then turned her passion into making teddybears. Today her unmistakeable style consists of modern elements paired with the playful way of experimenting with the proportions of her bear designs, wich is a trademark of her work.

Richard van Aalst

Richard van Aalst discovered his passion fpr teddybears in 1994. Shortly after he startet collecting, he startet creating his own bears. As a collector, Richard van Aalt is very critical. The same ambition holds true for his own creations. He always aims for high quality materials and workmanship.

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